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Our Mission Statement

[Fün] Foam-ol-ogy's mission is to encourage children of all ages to maintain good hygiene while having fun using our clinically tested naturally gentle products.

Our Story

Founders and sisters, The Collins' sisters name each other as their greatest inspiration in the creation of [Fün] Foam-ol-ogy bath and body care. The name [Fün] Foam-ol-ogy, “the study of [Skwee-kee-Clean] oodles of fun,” stems from the Collins sisters' belief that practicing good hygiene should be fun and educational.

Committed to Caring

[Fün] Foam-ol-ogy is committed to creating the highest quality products, using the finest ingredients and mild preservatives to make each product naturally gentle, effective and fun! We care not only about the health and well being of children but also their ability to contribute to the good of the world. 

Clinically Approved

Made in the USA, our products are manufactured and produced in a pharmac eutical environment to ensure product quality and integrity. Every formula is tested to assure that every consideration is taken to protect and care for children.


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